Lodi Export guarantees fast and fairly priced professional translations of texts in all languages.

Interpreting service

On request, we can provide an interpreting service either on our premises or on the premises of our members, as well as during trips, trade fairs, meetings or conferences abroad.

Foreign market research

Information gathered by the Consortium includes background on markets, product placement analysis, local laws currently in force, distribution channels and the most convenient advertising mechanisms.

Reliability analysis

When faced with the possibility of working with a powerful new partner, it is always best to move cautiously. Lodi Export carries out analysis on the liquidity and reliability of companies present both in Italy and abroad. The Consortium is capable of requesting, receiving in real time and storing all data thus obtained.

Legal documents

Lodi Export provides its members with a legal consultancy service for the examination of juridical, commercial and
fiscal issues deriving from:
– sales, distribution and agency contracts;
– joint-venture contracts with foreign partners;
– the setting up of branches abroad;
– licences and disclosure of know-how contracts;
– international disputes and arbitration;
– debt collection.

Shipping and payments

Lodi Export offers its members a consultancy service for those aspects of negotiations and commercial transactions involving payment, shipping and procedures for returning of goods (INCOTERMS). In this way members can orient their decision-making processes towards the safest and most efficient solutions.

VAT recovery

Companies accustomed to operating on foreign markets often find themselves having to incur VAT payments in other countries (i.e. when taking part in trade fairs or purchasing goods or services).
This VAT can be recovered and the Consortium provides a retrieval service for any member who requests it.